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DSC Alarm Panels & Keypad User Guides:

Models: SCW9047

DSC's SCW9047 "Self-Contained Wireless Alarm System" carries some of the best features DSC has to offer including, built-in 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk alarm communication,5 programmable function keys and Supports 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot). This just highlights some of the many features this self contained wireless system has to offer.

View The DSC SCW9047 User Guide

Models: Wireless Keypad WTK-5504

DSC's WTK-5504 "2-Way Wireless Touchscreen Arming Station" enables the user to experience a modern 21th century alarm system boasting elegant features such as, 4.3" full color display, Multi-language support, including, rechargeable batteries, a 24 hour battery back-up and 3-5 year battery life making sure your system runs strong for years to come.

View The DSC WTK-5504 User Guide

Models: RFK-5500

DSC's RFK-5500 adds a new dimension to the way you keep track of zones offering 64-zone coverage and a stylish LCD full-message keypad. The RFK-5500 keypad does RF communication which means when this keypad is added to an alarm panel, the alarm panel can now accept wireless devices such as contacts and motions.

View The DSC RFK-5500 Installation Manual


DSC's IMPASSA"Self-Contained Two-Way Wireless Security System" is a touchscreen alarm panel all in one. It is comparable to that of Honeywell Lynx. It has the ability to transmit signals to central station through phone lines as well as cellular.

View The DSC IMPASSA User Guide
View The DSC IMPASSA Installation Manual

Models: DSC Alarm Panel PC-1632 & PC-1664

DSC's "Power Series Control Panel" is one of their most common alarm panels. This is a typical alarm system with a can at one part of home or building and keypad or keypads near doors.
PC1616 comes with 6 on board zones and it's expandable up to 16 hardwired zones. It also accepts 16 wireless zones
PC1632 comes with 8 on board zones and it's expandable up to 32 hard wired zones. It also accepts 32 wireless zones.

The keypads that typically go with a pc1616 and a pc1632 are pk5500, pk5501, pk5508, pk5516, ptk5507, rfk5500, rfk5508, rfk5516, rfk5564 & wtk5504.

See the user guides below for the pc 1616 and pc 1632.

View The DSC PC-1616/PC-1832/PC-1864 User Guide
View The DSC PC-1616/PC-1832/PC-1864 Installation Manual