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Access Control

Access control is a must-have product for any business. Today's modern technology allows access control systems to not only grant and block access, but to also keep track of who came in and who went out at exactly what time. Access control systems help in verifying payroll, cutting energy costs as well as improving investigations (both internal and external).

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Comelit Vandalcom

Comelit Vandalcom

Typical Usage:
Business, Commercial, Construction

The Vandalcom is Comelit's vandal-proof line of panels. Made from stainless and galvanized steel, these panels are built to withstand nearly any situation as well as maintain Comelit's high standards of qualtiy and attention to detail.

Honeywell Lynx

Typical Usage:
Small Business

One of the best all around alarm systems on the market today, the Honeywell Lynx 7000 combines control, usability, customization, awareness, and energy savings into one package that delivers incredible performance at a very reasonable price.

Paxton Vandal Resistant Keypad

Paxton Vandal Resistant Keypad

Typical Usage:
Business, Corporate

This keypad was designed and built for two purposes. To provide secure access to the premises it is is guarding and to resist any and all attempts at vandalism and forced entry. On both fronts it more than succeeds.

Paxton VR Panel

Paxton Net 2 VR Panel

Typical Usage:
Business, Corporate, Commercial

This access control from Paxton is geared towards those situations where Vandal Resistance is one of the higher priorities. With several ratings to prevent damage from both nature and vandals this panel combines the strength of stainless steel and the brilliant design from Paxton to provide a premier access control panel.

Vista 20p

Typical Usage:
Large Business, Commercial, Construction

With a large set of features that set it apart from the competition, the Vista 20p helps you deliver more value and protection to both yourself and your customers. One of the highest rated alarm systems available, it is an ideal choice for almost any installation.