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Alarm System Installation

An alarm system should be reliable, easy to use and built to last. We offer custom installation of high quality brand name systems from Honeywell, DSC and Interlogix

Our security system professionals have installed commercial alarm systems throughout the New York and New Jersey Tri-state areas for over 10 years. We value our clients and have a genuine in protecting our neighbors, their property and business.

A representative can help you determine the best alarm system for your specific needs. We can help you select the best equipment based on the property and location, infrastructure and accessibility.

Our Process

We implement systems using a proven strategy designed to help streamline the installation process. Our seasoned professionals will schedule an initial site audit to insure that the systems you require are able to be properly to maximize effectiveness.

Site Audit / Research

Once your space has been documented we will set to mapping out the system infrastructure and work with your team to document configuration requirements.

Planning & Implementation

Your alarm system and devices will be mapped to designated areas on your property and we will begin construction and installation of devices and settings.

Testing & Training

Once your system is fully installed we will test your equipment and configuration and provide your team with proper training on how to utilize devices and follow protocols for best use and practice.

In addition to system design and configuration, we offer an accommodating range of maintenance and support services to insure your system provides the level of service required.

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Basic Features

  • Monitor smoke detectors
  • Monitor carbon monoxoide detectors
  • Get daily reports of what time system was armed/disarmed each day
  • Ability to partition the system for a 2 or 3 family home
  • Ability to call out through a phone line, GSM/cell frequency, hard wired internet or wifi internet connection. Additional hardwire would be required for anything other than the phone line.
  • Can hold multiple keypads

Advanced Features

  • Arm/Disarm from smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Integration of security cameras, you can see cameras from same app where you arm/disarm alarm
  • Integration of Home Automation, ability to control outlets, lights, hvac, garage doors, music systems, door locks and more

DSC PC1616

  • 16 hardwired zones
  • 32 wireless zones
  • Can hold 8 keypads

DSC PC1832

  • 32 hardwired zones
  • 32 wireless zones

DSC PC1864

  • 64 hardwired zones
  • 32 wireless zones

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Finding the Right Alarm System

For small , medium, and even large businesses having a proper, modern, well installed alarm system is incredibly important. Alarm systems are one of the best investments available for purchase to reduce, prevent and stop intrusions, burglaries, and property damage/vandalism. With a large array of sensor and alarm options available at purchase, the various uses beyond just crime prevention, the ever improving technology backing these systems, and their proven reliability in deterring and preventing crime lends them to be extremely useful to any business or corporation looking improve their property security in a significant and meaningful way.

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Vista 20p

Vista 20p

With a large set of features that set it apart from the competition, the Vista 20p helps you deliver more value and detection potential to both yourself and your customers. One of the highest rated alarm systems available, it is an ideal choice for almost any installation.

Honeywell Lynx

Lynx 7000

One of the best all around alarm systems on the market today, the Honeywell Lynx 7000 combines control, usability, customization, awareness, and energy savings into one package that delivers incredible performance at a very reasonable price.

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