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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be a valuable asset to any security operation. They have a multitude of uses such as detecting unwanted trespassers and shielding the property against any burglary/property related damage. At Official we have an alarm system that can satisfy any of your individualized needs.

For small , medium, and even large businesses having a proper, modern, well installed alarm system is incredibly important. Alarm systems are one of the best investments available for purchase to reduce, prevent and stop intrusions, burglaries, and property damage/vandalism.

With a large array of sensor and alarm options available at purchase, the various uses beyond just crime prevention, the ever improving technology backing these systems, and their proven reliability in deterring and preventing crime lends them to be extremely useful to any business or corporation looking improve their property security in a significant and meaningful way.

Vista 20p

Typical Usage:
Large Business, Commercial, Construction

With a large set of features that set it apart from the competition, the Vista 20p helps you deliver more value and protection to both yourself and your customers. One of the highest rated alarm systems available, it is an ideal choice for almost any installation.

Honeywell Lynx

Typical Usage:
Small Business

One of the best all around alarm systems on the market today, the Honeywell Lynx 7000 combines control, usability, customization, awareness, and energy savings into one package that delivers incredible performance at a very reasonable price.