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Car Dealerships and Security Systems

When a car dealership in New York with a fairly large inventory started having property theft events, they knew they had to find a solution. They had video equipment on the lot but the resolution was poor and the picture too grainy to make identification a possibility. They contacted an official security system provider who found the right solution for their problem through HD video cameras and high-quality two-way speakers.

The security company recommended VideoIQ ICVR HD cameras combined with Louroe Electronics AOP-SP-PB 2-way speakers, for best results. The VideoIQ cameras have the setup to allow the user to adjust for their particular bandwidth settings. The speakers interface effortlessly with the video’s system. The speakers are virtually impossible to tear up and are weather-proofed to meet any weather type or situation.

The alarm systems, camera, and speakers automatically activate after dark and with high resolution give a very clear image. When someone steps onto the lot, the cameras and speakers automatically activate to let security know that someone is near the cars. The alarm systems are motion activated and are available for both residential and commercial property. The commercial alarm systems will require more monitoring devices, such as with the 7 camera, 3 speaker setup used for the car dealership.

The network connectivity is directly linked to a central monitoring station, while the cameras on the dealership lot were near the front and rear of the lot with speakers mounted below the cameras. The back lot’s speaker system was setup at the entrance with the cameras located for optimal viewing.

Official security system providers advocate video/speaker, burglar alarms, and real time alarm systems with full monitoring capability. Cameras with alerts and 2-way speakers make it possible for security to advise prospective criminals that video and audio are working and will record their movements. Alarm systems installed can immediately alert police that there is a possible theft in process.

Security systems in New Jersey are professionally done by official system providers with the client’s needs and specific request in mind. As with the New York dealership, simple monitoring—alone—was insufficient to guard against theft because of the sheer number of vehicles they needed to keep an eye on. The more property you own the more accurate and stable your security system must be to provide for your needs.

HD cameras and two-way speakers give you real time supervision, video analytics, easy network connectivity, and the best imaging available. Whether you own a commercial property with a large inventory and need a commercial alarm system, or you need a residential alarm system, you should contact an official security system, today. Your financial and mental security and stability are a direct result of the type of equipment you own to protect your property.