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Eye On The Crime In Tampa

In the first six months of this year, cameras have provided police with evidence needed to make at least forty arrests and have helped them to find and recover twelve stolen vehicles in the Tampa area. Last year, they helped law enforcement make 117 arrests, and recover forty-two stolen vehicles.

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Boosts Its IT And Surveillance Infrastructures

Surveillance cameras are proving to be crucial in maintaining security in institutions, private or government-owned. This is why more and more companies and government agencies are beefing up their security systems, as well as adding more units of surveillance cameras, and the storage equipment for their output.

Car Dealerships and Security Systems

When a car dealership in New York with a fairly large inventory started having property theft events, they knew they had to find a solution. They had video equipment on the lot but the resolution was poor and the picture too grainy to make identification a possibility. They contacted an official security system provider who found the right solution for their problem through HD video cameras and high-quality two-way speakers.