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Typical Use: Business, Commercial, Corporate


FireLite, a Honeywell company, provides a wide variety of high end fire systems. These include from control panels to pull stations to annunciators. Every FireLite product is extremely high quality, built to keep the location they're installed at as safe as it can possible be. FireLite was the first company to introduce true addressable fire systems into the market, and with these addressable systems have lead the fire industry since.

Customization: Known for their expandability and flexibility, FireLite systems can be set up to fit almost any scenario. From a small business to a large corporation, there is a FireLite system that can meet your needs. Modern: Firelite's systems are about as modern as they come. With newer addressable systems as well as older conventional systems Firelite caters to both those who want to keep an older system as well as those looking to upgrade to a new, feature-packed fire system. Well-Built: These fire systems are built to work for you, to do the best job possible at detecting fire related anomalies. Sturdy, reliable, and built to last for a long time, there aren't any downsides to installing a Firelite fire system.

To read more about the Firelite MS line of panels, visit Firelite's page.

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FireLite MS Panels

Typical Usage:
Business, Commercial, Corporate

Firelite's MS line of panels are designed to be customizable, modern, and well built. This line of panels can serve everyone from small businesses to large corporations and provides best-in-the-business fire detection and alerts.

Firelite Pull Station

Firelite Pull Stations

Typical Usage:
Business, Commercial, Construction

With stations ranging from your typical every day pull station to stations that are packed with high tech features and extras, there is always a pull station that will fit every installation.