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Typical Use: Business, Commercial, Corporate


An ever-growing and ever-expanding company, Honeywell meets and overcomes some of the toughest challenges in the security industry. Known for superb products that perform phenomenally for very long times, Honeywell helps enable the safety of businesses and communities worldwide.

Performance: With a company as large and successful as Honeywell, their products are guaranteed to be of exceptional performance. Honeywell's constant RnD means that their products are always improving and they are always striving to make better products for their customers. Smart Technology: All of Honeywell's products are designed to be as smart as possible. From intelligent alarm systems to intuitively designed control panels, Honeywell's systems are as intelligent as they come. Name-Brand: A powerhouse in the security industry, Honeywell is one of the most well known security system companies. Almost a household name, their products are incredibly well made, built to last, and have a huge array of features.

Featuring Tuxedo Touch by Honeywell

The Tuxedo Touch by Honeywell is a reliable and simple system to use for arming and monitoring your alarm system. It features home control functions with viewing and recording video and voice command as part of its dynamic user interface.

Control Features

  • Easy Touch Screen
  • Voice Control
  • Remote Control (Smartphone)
  • On Premises Control / WiFi

Lock Features

  • Lock/unlock from Tuxedo Touch
  • Disarm security from keypad on lock

Video Features

  • Multi-Screen Monitoring
  • Smartphone Viewing
  • SD Video Recording

WiFi / Z-Wave Features

  • Control Z-Wave enabled devices
  • Set and disable alarms
  • Automate home settings

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Products We Offer

Honeywell Lynx

Typical Usage:
Small Business

One of the best all around alarm systems on the market today, the Honeywell Lynx 7000 combines control, usability, customization, awareness, and energy savings into one package that delivers incredible performance at a very reasonable price.

Vista 20p

Typical Usage:
Large Business, Commercial, Construction

With a large set of features that set it apart from the competition, the Vista 20p helps you deliver more value and protection to both yourself and your customers. One of the highest rated alarm systems available, it is an ideal choice for almost any installation.