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KeriSystems Access Control

Typical Use: Business, Commercial, Corporate


We offer a variety of Kerisys products ranging from single door access control to full fledged building access control systems. Kerisys systems are reliable, expandable, and built to last. They strive to be intelligent, easy to use, and are one of the top choices in the Access Control Industry. With built in Mercury Firmware, Kerisys products provide the next level of business, commercial, and corporate access control.

Expandable: one of the core features of any good access control system is the ability to expand and grow with the needs of the location. Kerisys' access control systems are able to do this extremely well. This is shown through their system and hardware's ability to take up to four extra boards on the main panel, allowing support for up to 256 doors in one system.

Intelligent: Kerisys' access control systems are made to not only perform well, but to be intelligent. They are designed to take advantage of pre-installed hardware and networking components thereby reducing the installation costs and material necessities. The addition of Mercury's Firmware has also drastically increased the intelligence and performance of these access control systems.

Built to Last: On top of being expandable, intelligent, and performing well, any good security system needs to be built to last. The systems that Kerisys makes are the epitome of this.

Additional Info: To quickly and easily locate technical information and resources related to Keri System software and hardware, visit the Kerisys Knowledge Base

Products We Offer

kerisys NXT 4 door access control panel

Kerisys NXT Four Door Access Control

Typical Usage:
Business, Commercial

Kerisys 4 Door NXT access control panel provides the perfect solution to almost any size access control problem. Scalable, secure, and expandable, these panels provide state of the art features that put them in a league of their own.