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Axis Panorama Cameras

Axis Panorama Cameras

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction


Axis' panoramic cameras provides outstanding surveillance of large areas. This makes them ideal in areas such as airports,train stations and stadiums. In addition, installation is simple and is surprisingly cost efficient.

Stylish: These cameras come in a slick and discreet design, making it harder for intruders to notice them all while keeping your building safe in style. They also has a removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight making them durable and well-built for both indoor and outdoor use.The camera can be easily repainted to blend in with the surrounding area.
Innovative: There's no need to take time out to manually focus these cameras; the lenses are factory-focused as opposed to the competition's cameras. They provide 180° vision and up to 33 megapixel resolution.This camera offers video streaming performances of 4k resolution and also offer 30fps or 11 megapixels at 20 fps.

Sample Footage

To read more about the Multi-Sensor Panoramic Dome Axis Camera, visit AXIS Communications page


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