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Bosch Access Control Panel

Bosch BioEntry Plus

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Corporate


Bosch’s BioEntry Plus integrates a rare mixture of fingerprint scanning and RFID proximity cards. Not many other security competitors are producing the same products as well as the quality that Bosch offers and will undoubtedly keep your business or organization safe from any outside threats.

Biometric: Bosch security not only lets its user’s gain access to an area by using a proximity card but they can also use its state-of-the-art fingerprint scanning technology. This means if you lose or forget to bring the proximity card with you it is always an option to use the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint capacity of this machine is 10,000 templates which can hold 5,000 users.

Instantaneous: Bosch’s BioEntry Plus boasts a 400 MHz DSP CPU which enables it to work at lightning speeds and blows competitors out of the water. This CPU enables the fingerprint scanner to work at a rate of 2,000 matches per second. This access control device can log up to 50,000 events due to having a 4 MB flash as well as 8 MB of RAM so you can backtrack between long periods of time.

Customizable: Bosch makes this access control device easy to manipulate letting the user experiment with the multi color LED and multi-tone buzzer configurations allowing the user to find the perfect setup. Bosch also allows the user to access an optional standalone user management which allows you to add or delete users in your server.

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