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Comelit Planux Lux

Comelit Planux Lux

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction


Planux Lux is much more than a door entry monitor. It's a new perception of elegance, providing all the technical content of the Planux Monitor plus a stylish Glass surface, reflecting the style of your home or office. Installation is simple with the Comelit Simplebus 2 wire system, requiring only two wires from the monitor to the entrance panel. Loaded with a unique design and a stylish screen which serve as a frame for sensitive touch technology, Comelit makes it possible to activate functions by simply brushing the controls.

Elegant: Planux Lux is a hands-free entrance panel, making it seamless to answer a call.The black Planux Lux monitor is an elegant alternative as opposed to the traditional door entry system that is usually made from cheap materials such as plastic. With a clean glass cover, touch sensitive buttons, and availability in white, it suits any modern interior.
Intuitive: Comelit has designed its interface to become second nature to the user. Planux Lux integrates full system control with the OSD (on screen display) for easy navigation through the features and configuration of the device. Navigation is easy regardless of how experienced the person is using it.
Customizable: Adjustable audio volume, call volume, color, brightness and contrast adjustment provide a great foundation of features for the Comelit Lux. Ringtones can be customised, selecting from the 7 melodies provided. The backlit control panel consists of 1 key button, 1 enable/disable audio button, 1 privacy or doctor function button which can be selected via the menu (with red LED to indicate privacy enabled), 1 self-ignition button, 2 buttons for various uses and 4 buttons for entry, confirmation and navigation within the menus. It is a fitting size as well, at 160x167x4 mm.

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