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Comelit Vandalcom

Comelit Vandalcom

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction


Vandalcom is a vandal-proof stainless steel entrance panel, tested to withstand the most violent vandal attacks. This entrance panel has a large LCD display and Vandalcom entrance panels are available in the digital, audio video and analogue versions.

Reliability: The technology used for Vandalcom is the first major guarantee of reliability. Vandalcom integrates galvanized sheet steel boxes which are 1.5 mm thick, vandalproof modules are made with 2 thick stainless steel plates, stainless steel pushbuttons with short run, and security screws. The entrance panel is rated to IP54. This ensures that the entrance panel will not be affected by environmental conditions such as dust and rain.

Elegant: Vandalcom is universally compatible with any type of building layout. The frame is available in 2 different colours steel grey and dark grey to show that the entrance panel is not only sturdy but also has a pleasant design.

Customizable: Vandalcom has introduced a unique electronic naming directory, capable of storing 400 names for the user. These names can be uploaded via manually or from a USB port. You can then search through the names using the search button or by entering the name or apartment number directly. Vandalcom may also be used for PIN entry through a door and stores up to 300 PIN numbers. Lastly, Vandalcom has independently adjustable hands-free audio for loud and authentic speech reproduction.

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