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FireLite MS Panels

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Corporate


A high-tech fire suppression and control system, the Firelite MS line provides some of the best fire protection in the business. Supporting up to 50 devices from one panel, they allow for almost unlimited customization when it comes to your overall system. The MS line is perfect for small to large businesses and facilities including food and department stores, restaurants, and banks. The MS line of products we offer includes the MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS, and MS-9600LS/MS-9600UDLS.

Flexibility and Expandability: Both the FireLite MS-9050 panels and the MS-9600 panels are set up to work with as many environments as possible and to be as expandable as need be. Supporting a wide range of sensors and notification devices, both of these panels can be configured and laid out to fit exactly the scenario they need to. The MS-9050 supports one loop of up to 50 points, consisting of any mix of detectors and modules. The MS-9600 supports up to two loops, with each loop able to handle 318 detectors/modules on each loop.
Integration: Both the MS-9050 and MS-9600 are set up to integrate right into existing fire prevention/suppression setups already on premise. This allows for easy retrofitting so that the existing systems can be combined with the new FireLite technologies.
User Friendliness: The inclusion of an LCD interface on the panels makes day to day monitoring of the system and maintenance easy. Pre-programmed messages will appear to indicate any and all events that happen with the system. These messages include a category of the event, which device triggered the event, a short description, and a date/time that the event occurred.


The MS-9050 set of panels is designed for small to medium sized installations to fill a role that previously only large, conventional systems could. The MS-9050 has a couple of defining characteristics.
Cost Efficient: The MS-9050 provides many technologies at a level of quality only found in much larger systems. Designed for small to medium installations, these extra features provide a step up in fire safety, prevention, and suppression than most of the competition at this level.
Performance: The MS-9050 is geared towards those who want a well built, reliable system whilst still maintaining the incredible performance that comes from FireLite products. The MS-9050 competes with conventional systems, providing addressable point identification at similar price point and performance.


The MS-9600 set of panels is designed for medium to larger installations, and offers several unique features above the MS-9050.
Voice Evacuation: The MS-9600 allows the use of voice messages to sound when an event occurs. If a fire breaks out, a voice message can play over loudspeakers informing people of the correct evacuation procedures and directing them to the nearest exits.
Speed: With the new LiteSpeed technology, the MS-9600 is a step above the competition. LiteSpeed allows the panel to query up to 10 connected devices at once. This means is that at any one time the panel is checking the status of 10 connected detectors, instead of just one. This provides for much faster signaling as the panel, instead of checking devices one by one, can check ten by ten. This extra speed can get alerts out faster and can potentially save lives in the process.


The MS-9050's and MS-9600's user-friendly interface makes maintenance of these systems easy. The system's Intelligent Addressable Detectors allow it to continually process incoming information about the devices connected to it to ensure that they are operating properly. Since each Addressable Detector is monitored by the control panel, the panel can tell when the detector is near the allowed alarm threshold. When this occurs, a "maintenance alert" message will be displayed, indicating the detector that is in need of maintenance. Since the maintenance signal is sent a before the threshold is met, as long as the alert message is seen in a timely manner the system will continue to operate smoothly.

If a message on the LCD display contains TROUBL in the first line, that indicates that something went wrong with one of the devices connected to the system. This could indicate a device malfunction, or just a that maintenance is needed. Messages like this will indicate the type of device, a 2 word description, a status code, as well as the date, time, and device address where the trouble occurred. There are three maintenance statuses that the panel will display, INVREP, DIRTY1, and DIRTY2:

  • INVREP means that there is a hardware problem with the detector
  • DIRTY1 means that there is dust accumulation on the detector, but that it hasn't yet reached a critical threshold. If the accumulation isn't dealt with, it will affect the system in the future. The accumulation of dust should be cleaned away.
  • DIRTY2 (signaled only after DIRTY1) means that the dust accumulation has reached that critical threshold. If this occurs someone needs to service the detector as soon as possible, as the accumulation is now affecting the system's performance.

  • Any other codes associated with the TROUBL status are more serious, and someone should be contacted immediately to remedy the problem. These codes include SHORT (short circuit), OPEN (open circuit), and TEST F (device failed an automatic test).

    To read more about the Firelite MS line of panels, visit Firelite's page.

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