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Firelite Pull Station

Firelite Pull Stations

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction


FireLite has two sets of pull stations, the BG-8 and BG-12. Designed to work with FireLite's panels, these pull stations fit the bill as exactly what a fire system should have.


FireLite BG8

A fully metal, single action pull station, the BG-8 was designed for simple operation, prevention of false alarms, and to be easily understood by non english speakers.

Simple: In the case of an emergency, all a person has to do is pull on the top of the panel, which takes less than a second to accomplish. This engages a key mechanism inside the pull station that initiates the alarm, alerting everyone to the emergency.
Fool-Proof: The BG-8 was designed to have it's pull mechanism be as foolproof as possible. It is setup in such a way that only a deliberate pull on the station can trigger the alarm. Bumping, jarring, or shaking the panel will not set the alarm off.
Universal: With the inclusion of fire graphics on the front, and the bright red color of the station, it is made clear to those who may not understand the writing on the cover what this station is used for. This enables all persons, regardless of language, to have the ability to react to a fire emergency.


FireLite BG12

Firelite's higher end pull station, the BG-12 maintains a cost effective model while also keeping Firelite's many important features.

Easily Operated: Supporting both single and duel action, all it takes to set off the alarm is to pull the handle. While this may seem like it makes it easy for false alarm happens, Firelite added built in safeguards that prevent accidental alarms in the case of bumping, jarring, or shaking the station.
Feature Packed: The alarm can only be set off by pushing the handle in and simultaneously pulling it down. This is one of the aforementioned features that helps prevent false alarms. On top of this, Firelite has made it easy for authorized parties to open and inspect the station without triggering an alarm.
Multilingual: These stations are available in both English and Spanish, so if your premises need a multi-lingual fire system, then these will fit right in.

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