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Flir Wifi Camera

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction


FLIR systems have outdone themselves with this new outstanding camera.This high-tech video monitoring camera integrates state of the art cloud-based analytic's as well as, flexible application-specific mounts to facilitate use for an array of applications including in-home/in-office monitoring, outdoor patrol, sports activity, vehicle dashboard camera and many more.

Connected: Streaming live HD video to a smartphone or tablet with these cameras is a smooth procedure which can be done with or without an internet connection .You can easily upload hours of valuable content to a removable Micro-SD card as well as communicating using two-way audio with FLIR’s Cloud-based RapidRecap feature. Intelligent:The camera has a specialized artificial intelligence algorithm called SmartZone which allows users to identify specific areas within the camera’s field of view for movement detection. After the camera detects movement it will send an alert to your mobile device of choice.

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