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Honeywell Lynx

Typical Usage: 
Small Business


One of the best all-around security systems on the market, the Honeywell Lynx does it all. Here are just a few of the many reasons why it stands out from the rest.
Control. From controlling your lights to setting your thermostat, from locking doors to viewing what’s happening on the premises, the Honeywell Lynx lets you do it all. Use the Honeywell app to access your system from any Wi-Fi enabled iOS or Android device. Everything that would be available from the control panel is now available on your phone or tablet. Want your office warm and ready for the day's work? That can be set up easily from the central panel or app. You can even control locks that are connected to the Lynx system.
Usability. With large, easy to read icons that are clear in their purpose and a touch screen that is free of clutter, the Honeywell Lynx system makes protecting what you value easy. With an optional 7” touchscreen on the central panel, voice response, system status and zone descriptions standard, the Lynx is easily used by everyone.
Customization. With many different settings, you can tweak your system to do what you want, when you want. Perhaps you’re working late in the evening, but want the perimeter of your property secure while still being free to move about inside. There’s a setting for that. Arm, disarm, and set up what your system should be watching from the panel or the app on your phone/tablet at any time.
Awareness. Your system will even keep you updated on emergency alerts, and allow you to communicate with central station operators if an alarm goes off. It helps ensure that the right response can be sent to take care of whatever the situation might be.
Energy Savings. With control over thermostats, lights, doors, and water valves right at your fingertips, you can really take energy savings to a whole new level. If the lights are accidentally left on when you leave, pull out your phone, boot up the app, and turn them off. With the amount of control the Honeywell Lynx offers, decreasing energy usage is easy.


The components of the HoneyWell Lynx system are designed to be as maintenance free as possible. Even though this is the case, it is still highly recommended that the system and all of it's devices are checked and tested weekly, as well as after any alarm (including false alarms) to ensure that it is running to its fullest capacity. Treat the components of the system as if they were any other important piece of electrical equipment. If you hear a device emitting one short beep every 30-45 seconds, that is the system's way of indicating that a device's battery is low. It is recommended that the battery be changed as soon as possible to make certain that the system is functioning properly. In the event of one of these issues, and in addition to the beeping of the devices, the central control panel will announce the problem, and a corresponding icon will appear.

To read more about the Honeywell Lynx 7000, visit Honeywell's page.

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