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LTS 16 Channel NVR

LTS Enterprise NVR

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Corporate


Having an incredible camera system is great, but without the hardware and software to back it up those cameras are more or less useless. This is where the LTS Enterprise NVR comes into play. It has the features, both on the software and hardware side, to take full advantage of whatever camera system may be in place. It's arsenal of features makes it an incredible addition to any security system, and it allows the user to do so much more than just record basic video.

Powerful Software: With every good camera system there needs to come a powerful set of software that enables the user to take advantage of all the features that camera offers. LT Security's 16 Channel NVR has the software to back up it's impressive array of cameras. With instant playback, digital zoom in live feeds and playback modes, 16 channel simultaneous playback, and advanced video searching there isn't much that this NVR doesn't have.
High End Hardware: Strong software is a great addition, but if the NVR doesn't have the high end hardware it will fall short. This NVR does not fall short. Supporting video up to 5MP at 1920×1080p resolution, a hard drive quota and storage management system, 4 sata interfaces, a self adaptive network interface, 16 independant 100Mbps PoE network interfaces, IPv6, and with most protocols supported you'd be hard pressed to get a better NVR elsewhere.
Video Safety: Camera recordings are kept multiple times, ensuring that any that are tampered with have a backup that is identical to the first and ready to go at a moments notice. This allows users to take full advantage of the aforementioned powerful software and high end hardware to get the most out of the recordings taken by the camera system.

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