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Paxton Cardlock Compact Reader

Paxton Cardlock Compact Reader

Typical Usage: 
Business, Corporate, Commercial


Paxton Cardlock compact readers are a versatile and simple way to protect your business or home from unwanted guests.These single door access control readers only work with Net2, Switch2 and Compact Range systems.Compact systems are made to be easily installed on multiple doors over a site as well as allow the users to use the same card on every door with the reader installed. This reader is equipped with a smart satin chrome finish.

Versatile: Cardlock readers have an IPX7 rating this allows the reader to operate in external conditions making it a universal solution for any business/work site. Lost cards can be easily deleted in seconds using its smart features. Users may also control access by the color of the card making the selectivity of where people can go extremely easy. This reader allows the use of up to 10,000 users.


The compact reader has two wires which connect to the lock and two wires which connect to the power supply. There are two wires for connection to an exit button if required. Use the template provided to mark and drill holes for the cable and screws. Once installed swipe the enrolment card through the reader. All the cards in the pack are now valid. This completes the installation!


User cards are valid and ready for use once installation is complete. Every user card is supplied with a corresponding paper shadow card. As user cards are issued, the name of the user is marked on the shadow card. If a user is to be barred, or a user card is lost, the shadow card marked with the user's' name is swiped through all of the readers on site. This simple action invalidates the user card. Another user card may be issued for that user.

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Paxton Cardlock Reader Cards

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