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Paxton EasyProx Compact

Typical Usage: 
Small/Large Business, Corporate


Door locks are one of the core components of any business's or corporation's security system. Paxton's Easyprox is a compact all in one access control unit. Ideal for indoor units, this battery powered unit is ideal for internal doors. Battery power makes installation and maintenance much easier than it's competitors.

Ease of Use: with clearly labeled, well laid out buttons and keypad Paxton's Easyprox lives up to it's name. It is clear what the result of any code is, and the Easyprox's design leaves no questions as to what should be done to gain access.
Force Prevention: With the inclusion of an Anti-shim plunger for the sole purpose of preventing forced entry the Easyprox is a complete locking package. Its inability to be forced is a staple for any access control system.
Power Monitoring: Seeing as the Easyprox is battery powered, consumers might be worried that the battery could die and not be noticed. There are spare battery packs available, and the low battery warning that is built in to the Easyprox will notify you well in advance of battery dieing.

Using the Easyprox

As soon as the Easyprox's installation is complete all user cards/tokens available are ready to be used. Each user's token is kept in a database with a record of whether that user has access to the system. As soon as a user's access is revoked all Easyprox locks know about it. There is no delay period during which a user with revoked access can still enter/exit.

Installing the Easyprox

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