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Paxton LCD Reader

Paxton LCD Reader

Typical Usage: 
Business, Corporate


A small and compact access control device, the Paxton LCD reader allows for a robust access control system that is both easy to use, customizable, and robust. It gets the job done while being discreet and includes several outstanding technological features.

Customizable: The LCD screen on this reader allows for custom images to be uploaded to fill certain positions. Images can be used when granting access, when denying access, when the display is idle, and several others. The reader can be mounted vertically or horizontally, meaning images in both portrait and landscape form are supported. It allows the system's owner a level of customization that not many other readers can offer, as he/she can make the reader their own.
Compact: Measuring only 109mm by 68mm, and with a depth of just 22mm, this reader is one of the smaller readers available today. This means it still serves it's purpose of allowing people with access to the premises in, but does so in an unobtrusive way, allowing the look wherever it may be mounted to stay clean and uncluttered.

Using the LCD Reader

Authorized users gain access to the premises by holding the card or fob in close proximity to the reader. Once read, the reader determines whether that key/fob has the correct permissions to access the location they are are trying to enter. If access is granted, a specific image is displayed on the LCD screen. A separate, specific image is displayed if access is not granted. As mentioned above, these images can be set to whatever the owner of the systems deems necessary, and are uploaded to the reader via a USB drive.

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