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Paxton Proximity Marine Reader

Typical Usage: 
Business, Construction


Paxton's Marine Reader is the ultimate offering for those environments too harsh or too wet for typical access control. Incredible build quality and attention to detail clearly show Paxton's dedication to creating superior products

Built to Last: able to withstand temperatures ranging from -35 to 70 degrees celsius (-31 to 158 degrees fahrenheit), there isn't much that that mother nature can throw at this reader that will faze it. IPX7 rated (device works properly even when submerged in water) is what gives this product it's name, and it's ability to perform to such a high standard in these harsh environments.
Attention to Detail: Built to be compatible with Paxton's Switch2 and Net2 systems the Marine Reader has all the small details that one could want in such a robust and resistant access control product.

Using the Marine Reader

Like most readers, access is granted by holding the fob within close proximity to the device. Once the reader has obtained the ID of the person requesting access from the fob it looks up that person's permissions and grants or denys permissions depending. The reader lights up green if the person is allowed access, and lights up red if the person is not allowed access. Function cards are included with the reader that allow the standard blue light's intensity to be changed at a moment's notice.

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