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Paxton Net2 Tokens

Paxton Net2 Tokens

Typical Usage: 
Business, Corporate, Commercial


Paxton has integrated proximity tokens into their Net2 system. If you are standing in range of the access control device and have a valid token the door will automatically allow or deny the person access accordingly.

Encrypted: Each Proximity tokens is encrypted with an 8 digit unique number and stored on a PC software to make it secure. if you ever lose your token all you need to do is go on the PC software and delete the device. This makes it very simple to add and delete tokens.
Cost Effective: Paxton also have an adhesive disc that can transform any card into a proximity token saving lots of money if you have an existing system in place. Tokens are supplied in packs of 10 and have a lifetime warranty.

To read more about Net2 Tokens, visit Net2 Token's page


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