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Paxton Vandal Resistant Keypad

Paxton Vandal Resistant Keypad

Typical Usage: 
Business, Corporate


This keypad was designed and built for two purposes. To provide secure access to the premises it is is guarding and to resist any and all attempts at vandalism and forced entry. On both fronts it more than succeeds. As seen in the video, it's security, ease of use, and range of features make it a premier product in the access control sector.

Secure: This keypad's primary purpose is secure and long lasting access control and it's design clearly shows that. Robust metal construction gives the panel a broad level of security, and the security fixing screws give it that little bit extra that sets it apart from other access control keypads. The addition of an IPX7 rating shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt
Easy Use: With the addition of backlit keys for easy use during both day and night this keypad is both secure and easily used.
Feature-Rich: Able to run on 12 volt to 24 volt AC or DC current utilizing volt free relay contacts Paxton's leading vandal resistant keypad perfectly fits the role of gate and barrier access control.

Using the Keypad

Use is fairly standard when compared to other access panels. When a valid access code is entered, access is granted. Entering the master code allows changes to be made to the keypad.

A Demonstration

To read more, visit Paxton's page.

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