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Pelco Spectra Cameras

Pelco Spectra Cameras

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Corporate


Pelco's Spectra line of cameras specialize in indoor and perimeter camera security. Models include the Spectra Enhanced, Professional, HD, IV IP and Mini, all with a wide array of features that let them individually fill their own niche. While not all of the Spectras may fit exactly the situation, there is almost guaranteed to be one or more that have a concrete purpose within the camera system you are looking to put together.

Enhanced: Spectra's top-of-the-line high-speed dome positioning system
Professional: Supplies HD video and industry-leading performance at the price of a mid-market dome
HD: Is based on the Sarix technology platform, the Spectra HD is the perfect dome camera for facial and license-plate recognition
IV IP: Supporting simultaneous IP and analog functionality for extremely high flexibility, the Spectra IV IP is easy-to-install and comes with a full complement of programmable features. It is one of the best selling dome cameras in the world
Mini: Designed specifically for indoor video security applications, it's small profile is ideal for discrete applications

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