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RBtec Buried Ground Sensor Kits

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems has unveiled the highly anticipated Seismo buried sensor. These sensors are sold in kit variations of 1 or 3 sensors with single analyzers to defend strategic areas from intrusion. Seismo has created a truly unique design which differs greatly from conventional ground sensor kits.
Furtive: The RBtec Seismo sensor can cover a vast 22-ft diameter detecting trespassers as they approach the surrounding area. Seismo buried sensors can also operate on battery power as well as DC power making them an extremely versatile set of sensors.
Responsive: The kits are sold with optional wireless or GSM communication on top of the standard dry contact relay output. When an activity is registered in the protected area, the seismic sensor produces an electric signal which is then processed in real time. Once processed, it then identifies which type of activity has been detected, such as walking or vehicular movement, and triggers the appropriate alarm based on the sensitivity level.

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To read more about the RBtec Ground Sensor Kits, visit RBtec's page.

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