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Theia Technologies Motorized Telephoto Lens

Typical Usage: 
Business, Commercial, Construction


Theia Technologies Motorized 4k-Compatible Telephoto Lens is a game changing product. Theia’s new motorized lenses are perfect for any high-detail application, including long distance surveillance,license plate recognition and traffic monitoring.The Telephoto Lens is a step above the competition.

Versatile: The Theia Technologies F/1.5 lens has 4k image sensors which allows it remarkably clear resolution.The lens is perfectly IR-corrected which makes it compatible with day and night cameras. This enables the camera to keep a clear picture at any time of the day.

Compact: Measuring at only 55mm long and 54mm in diameter, the Theia Technologies Lens is small enough to fit into dome cameras.

Quality: Theia Technologies offers multiple ways to configure the lens; this includes motorized focus,motorized zoom,IR cut filters,photo interrupters,DC auto- and P-iris capabilities.The lens can fit any of your buildings individual needs and preferences.

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