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Rutherford Controls is one of the premier manufacturers of electric strikes. These devices enable the release of a locking mechanism on an electric pulse. This makes them compatible with nearly any access control system, and a great solution to securing doors.

Experience: Having been in the business for over 90 years, RCI has the knowledge and experience built up from years of making high quality, professional grade locking mechanisms. Their products have been refined and perfected over their many years in the business.
Dedication: RCI is dedicated to making their products the best they can be. This drives them to create some of the best products in the locking mechanism industry, while still maintaining incredibly competitive pricing.
Robust: Made from one piece of stainless steel, RCI's electric strikes are as sturdy and well built as they can possibly be. Their one piece design distributes force evenly, ensuring that attempts to force the door open are not successful.

Products We Offer

Rim Strike

Rim Strike

A one piece, stainless steel design, this RCI Rim Strike is purpose-built for prevent forced entry on Rim Exit devices whilst maintaining an elegant look.

Heavy Duty Electric Strike

Heavy Duty Electric Strike

RCI's low profile heavy duty electric strike combines many features into one device, and supports many frame materials and locking mechanisms.

To read more about RCI's access control visit RCI's page.

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