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Security Camera Installation

Security cameras have become more affordable over recent years and there are many types of cameras with advanced features and functionality available.

We offer IP Cameras, Analog Cameras, Wireless Cameras, PTZ Cameras and more. We also carry many cameras that are specifically for integration with alarm systems.

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Types Of Cameras:

PTZ: PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. This simply means that the camera utilizes a panning (left/right swivel) mechanism, a tilting (up/down swivel) mechanism, and zoom to give it the ability to look in almost every direction. These cameras are typically able to be remotely controlled to view the area they survey.

HD IP: HD IP cameras route data recorded over a LAN/WAN/Ethernet network to wherever the data is to be stored. IP Cameras allows the camera system a few tricks. Certain cameras can be set up wirelessly, eliminating the need to run extra cables. They can utilize 3rd party software to do various kinds of recognition ranging from facial to license plate to threat detection. IP cameras can also communicate with other devices on the network (computers, alarms, lighting systems) due to the standardization of communication protocols for TCP/IP networking.

HD TVI: HD TVI cameras, unlike HD IP cameras, route data recorded over a coaxial cable to wherever the data is to be stored. One of the benefits to having a TVI camera is that it uses a very small amount of bandwidth as compared to an HD IP camera. TVI cameras are also backwards compatible with analog cameras, meaning if there is already an analog system in place it is easy to replace the older cameras with newer, better ones.

Night Vision: Night vision cameras utilize Matrix infrared vision to enable a clear picture during the night. This allows for a similar (albeit black and white) image of the area that the camera surveys. Infrared cameras detect energy in the form of heat, and use the heat spectrums they pick up to generate a visible image.

Dome: Dome cameras are your typical hemispherical surveillance cameras. They come in many varieties, though most are pan-tilt-zoom. There are an over abundance of features that can come packaged with typical dome cameras.

Brands we carry and install:

LT Security Logo

LT Security

LT Security camera systems provide some of the best visuals for cameras systems on the market at impressive prices.

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Axis Communications

Axis Camera Systems allow for exceptional picture quality and video recording. They are extremely well built and are top of the line.

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Pelco security cameras and surveillance systems are high tech, sturdy, and reliable.

Security Cameras for Alarm Systems

We initially started our business with the installation of security camera systems and have continued to stay on top of the latest technology and trends in the industry to better serve our clients.

We offer the integration of security cameras with alarm systems and access control for interior and exterior spaces.

Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced and can help you put together a comprehensive security alarm system that meets your requirements and budget.

See our camera products page for more detailed information on cameras we carry and install.