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Building Fire Safety Systems

Video Description: NFPA informs you on how to prepare your safety and security personnel to prevent and respond to a fire!

Inspection, Maintenance, and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems

Video Description: Using on-site sequences, computer animations, and controlled demonstrations in test facilities, this video program addresses every aspect of the periodic inspection and testing of specific fire alarm system components.

Inspection and Testing of Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Video Description: NFPA informs people about automatic sprinkler systems and why they are a very important element of fire protection today. And if they're properly inspected, tested and maintained, they're almost 100% effective.

Evacuation of Health Care Facilities

Video Description: Major fires in health care facilities are rare, but can be deadly. Most patients cannot leave the fire area without assistance. This hard-hitting video follows the recommendations in NFPA 99 and NFPA 101® to train your staff how to react to fire emergencies.

High-Rise Evacuation

Video Description: High-rise office buildings are designed to be safe, but if a full-scale evacuation is required, employees need to be ready to act quickly and take responsibility for their own safety. NFPA®'s High-Rise Evacuation Video teaches workers the right things to do and how knowledge and planning contribute to safe evacuation.